Sandylion Sticker Designs

Halloween 3D Sticker Collection -- 65% OFF!

$10.50 $30.00

The Sandylion Essentials collection includes a huge variety of "dimensional" stickers, which are textured and layered to rise about 1/8" off the surface they are applied to. They are fantastic for making cards or scrapbook pages stand out!

These stickers have been sold out for many years, but we just discovered some extra unaccounted-for inventory (best day ever!) and are making these Halloween sticker collections available for a great deal.

Each collection includes all 8 of the Sandylion Essentials stickers pictured, PLUS an additional 2 bonus packages. (The bonus packages may repeat the same designs as those pictured, or be different – still Halloween themed, of course! – and every collection is unique.)

These are obviously available in limited quantity, available as long as we have them on hand. Sandylion Essentials typically sell for $3/packet, but we are discounting these bulk packs by 65% off retail price in order to move them off our shelves quickly!

Just a bit of fine print: These sticker packages are thicker than usual, so they will nearly always ship separately from the rest of your order. Furthermore, they are available only to USA customers; if you include these in an order for international shipment, we will remove them from your purchase and apply a refund.

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